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Electronic Arts is in trouble in Belgium thanks to FIFA

In early 2018, the Belgian government decided to take drastic measures with regard to loot boxes in games. Being considered as an “illegal gambling,” it was decreed that they would have to be removed from the games of Electronic Arts and other companies.

As you well remember, all this confusion around the loot boxes began with Star Wars: Battlefront 2, where Electronic Arts (EA) implemented extremely expensive loot boxes that presented themselves as essential to get the game moving.

The law was consummated in April, considering that these loot boxes that offer random rewards in exchange for money are classified as “gambling” so they have become illegal in Belgium. Companies like Blizzard and 2K have quickly rushed to remove this option in their games (only in the country), but EA continues to challenge the new law.

Whereas the Star Wars game was responsible for all this problem. EA decided to restructure the game in order to remove loot boxes. However, his “golden egg hen” called FIFA, continues to offer this system of “illegal gambling.” With this in Belgium, EA is about to face a legal process where it may face a major problem.

Electronic Arts could face big problems thanks to loot boxes at FIFA

Ultimate Team game mode is by far the most popular EA EA series. With this, millions of active players are fighting every year to build the best team in the world.

In this mode, EA offers “card” packages where players test their luck in finding a Cristiano Ronaldo and company. This is EA’s main source of revenue for FIFA, and more.

After all the charges in the loot boxes scandal. EA decided to reveal the odds of getting the better cards in this system. In an attempt to prove that it is not “illegal gambling.” It further states that users do not have any possibility to sell their cards for real money.

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