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EA Sports launches campaign against racism in its games!

Unfortunately, racism is present almost everywhere, and video games are no exception. For many years, studios have been putting tools into practice to try to eradicate this type of actions from their games, but the results are still far from desired.

Now, there are several studios that plan to take more extreme actions in order to stop these behaviors in their games. Obviously, the recent actions were triggered by the terrible events in the United States, resulting from the death of George Floyd.

EA Sports racismo

After Infinity Ward confirmed the implementation of new “anti-racism” tools, now it's EA Sports' turn.

EA Sports will have zero tolerance for racist actions or references

It is nothing new for anyone that the various EA Sports games present serious evidence of racist behavior, whether in interactions between players or simply by the names chosen for their accounts and teams.

One of the problems pointed out by many fans of EA Sports games is the fact that there is no effective system for reporting other players. Now, it looks like EA will finally develop the desired tools.

EA Sports NHL racismo

In this way, EA Sports will make life much easier when it comes to identifying racist events, managing to act according to its rules much more quickly. Obviously, the measures implemented will not be exclusive to racist actions.

EA Sports confirms that they will implement much tighter measures to eradicate all types of toxic behavior in their games, including racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexist.

Although they are welcome measures on any platform, it is sad to realize once again that big companies only “move” when something terrible happens.

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