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DxOMark – Apple iPhone X is the best smartphone for photography

The new Apple iPhone X is beyond doubt one of the most talked about smartphones in recent times. Apple’s new terminal brought a new ideology to Apple’s smartphones, lifting the Cupertino company to match its competitors.

The device gives us a completely different screen from all predecessors, removed the Home button and the Touch ID. All to give us a questionable Face ID and a more appealing screen.

The cameras on the Apple iPhone X are also quality, truth be told because we have already tested this new smartphone, we are conquered. Although it is noted that ” Portrait Mode ” in the “Studio Lighting” setting is Beta, most of the pictures taken with this Apple iPhone X are of extreme quality.

DxOMark, photography consultants for the brands, evaluated the iPhone X and it is no surprise that the score was the highest ever for photography. Note that the terminal did not get first in the final score since Google Pixel 2 continues to be superior in video functionality.


Apple iPhone X has the best score in photography but leaves something to be desired on video

DxOMark gave a 101-point shooting score to the new Apple device and a mere 89 video points. Google Pixel scored 99 points in the photo and 96 points in the video.

According to the consultants’ assessment, the iPhone X suffers from some problems of fast focus, flash photography and low light and difficulty catching moving objects. It should be noted that these “problems” can be solved with a simple software update.

In the final table of the DxOMark we then have the Google Pixel 2 first, Apple iPhone X second and Huawei Mate 10 Pro third. As the iPhone X has the highest score in photography, surpassing Pixel 2 with 99 points and Mate 10 Pro with 100 points.

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