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Drop-test iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9: which flagship is easier to break?

Drop-test iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9

Apple claims that the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are made from the most durable glass for smartphones in the world. We have seen tests with this assertion, which proved that the iPhone XS Max stronger than the X the iPhoneBut will the smartphone be able to withstand Galaxy Note 9?

In the new drop test, both flagships showed themselves equally badly. “The most durable glass” iPhone XS Max in fact it did not help.

However, the glass back panel of the iPhone XS Max did not crash as much as the Galaxy Note 9 panel. When smartphones fell on their side, the frames of both flagships coped perfectly, although little damage remained to them. While falling on the display, both smartphones crashed, but the Note 9 display suffered more.

Despite the fact that the iPhone XS Max is made of durable glass, it is still quite easily broken when dropped from a sufficient height.

Nevertheless, the iPhone XS Max coped better than the Galaxy Note 9. In the Galaxy Note test 9 crowned the winner, because in the round where smartphones dropped many times in a row, it sustained 10 falls, and the iPhone XS Max only 3.


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