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Download Xiaomi Surge S1 Wallpapers

Xiaomi Surge S1 is designed to meet strict compliance with the TEE architecture, to meet safety regulations. It offers chip-level security which protects data integrity and prevents unauthorized network access! This is made possible by the combination of software and hardware to offer this top-line security level!. The Surge S1 SoC also featured a 32-bit high-performance DSP, and dual microphone noise reductions, eliminating static and background noise. Resulting in almost 100% lossless voice reproduction and quality improvement!
Below are some Preview of the Xiaomi Surge S1 Wallpapers

While the phone begins shipping in March, the wallpaper is readily available and can be downloaded from the zip below. Just hit the link, extract the wallpapers provided and chose the one of your like.

Download Xiaomi Surge S1 Wallpaper
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