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Download the Google Camera with Motion Photos for your Pixel Here


For all those (lucky) who have one of the Google Pixel first generation, can now download here the new Google Camera App. It can also be installed on Google Nexus with Android Oreo.

If until recently Google’s smartphones (Nexus line) were not at all famous for the quality of their cameras, in recent generations (with the Google Pixel line) the situation has completely reversed. Now that Google has begun to produce – through HTC and others – its own hardware the photographic quality of their equipment has increased exponentially, something that is also due to the software and Google Camera, now with “Motion Photos”.

Part of what makes Google Pixel’s so good at taking pictures is the application, the APP Google Camera with HDR + technology developed by the technology giant itself. This is a great and practical tool for anyone who wants to take beautiful photos without having to learn how to edit RAW files.

You can now download Google Camera with Motion Photos

Now in October 2017, after its last showcase event, the Mountain View giant introduced us with “new” features for its latest Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, more specifically Motion Photo, Face Retouching, and Portrait Mode (picture with motion, face beauty, and portrait mode, respectively).

Today, thanks to the staff of XDA Developers, the new Google Camera APK that includes Motion Photo’s can already be installed on the first-generation Pixel and Pixel XL. On Nexus devices the Motion Photos function is not working, unlike the rest of the camera itself.

The new “Motion Photos” mode creates small video clips with about 3 seconds, captured immediately after you have pressed the button to capture the photo. Note that there are high-quality videos (its resolution is 1024 × 768 pixels in MP4 format), synchronized with the original JPEG image as it advances. Anyway, they can add more life to your photos.

Now you can install this new functionality in your Google Pixel / Pixel XL and I know that many of us would like to have one of these devices here. You need to have Android Oreo on your smartphone to install this APK but otherwise, you have nothing to know.

Download Google Camera HERE


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