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About  CUBOT Phone

 CUBOT Mobile Limited Company is a high-tech Chinese company brand of Android smartphones manufactured in the People’s Republic of China. The company is based in Shenzhen, China. which engages in the development of mobile smartphones and products. They make their products excellent but economical, giving a chance for those who desire the latest high-tech to own a smart mobile phone and enjoy the splendid cyber world.
Download CUBOT Stock ROMs


This page contains the CUBOT Stock ROM files that will allow you to restore your Itel device back to its original factory state. you can also use the file to upgrade your phone to the latest version. You will find these below files useful if you have used the flashed custom builds on your device, brick your device, tweak your device and wish to return that device to its factory state.

If you own a CUBOT smartphone and you are looking for CUBOT Stock ROMs to fix your bricked phone, then you are on the right article/post. We are going to guide on how to install the official stock ROM on your CUBOT. This guide is easy and straightforward to follow. We have listed the CUBOT Stock ROMs below. Download the stock ROM file to fix your device.

To Flash T Card Flash Files
Follow these steps to flash it: settings – about phone –
wireless update – local updates(on the right top corner) – internal
storage – select the files which you just downloaded – install now – OK

Note: Remember, this process will totally
wipe your device, so  backing up your phone is important. Reserve
about two hours time for the process… performing the backup and restore takes
the longest part of the time and will vary according to the amount of data and
apps on your  android phone.


Collection of Cubot Stock Roms

Cubot A6589 Stock Rom
Cubot Bobby Stock Rom
 Size: 228M
Cubot C6 Stock Rom
 Size: 368M
Cubot One Stock Rom
Size: 301M
Cubot One Turbo Stock Rom
 Size: 321M
Cubot P5 Stock Rom
Download Rom
Cubot P6 Stock Rom
Size: 301M
Download Rom
Cubot C9 Plus Stock Rom
Size: 175M
Cubot C9W Stock Rom
Size: 201M
Cubot C10 Plus Stock Rom
Size: 263M
Cubot GT89 Stock Rom
Size: 208M
Cubot GT90 Stock Rom
Size:  239M
Cubot GT99 Stock Rom
Size: 434M
Cubot M6589 Stock Rom
Size: 406M
Cubot P7 Stock Rom
Size: 416M
Cubot P9 Stock Rom
Download Rom
Cubot P10 Stock Rom
Cubot P10 QHD 8P64 140905 B1B5 4.2.2
 Size: 419M
Download Rom
Cubot P10 QHD 8P64 150121 B1B5 4.2.2
Size: 353M
Download Rom
Cubot S308 Stock Rom
Size: 425M
Download Rom
Cubot T9 Stock Rom
Size: 394M
Cubot X6 Stock Rom
Size: 378M
Download Rom
Cubot S108 Stock Rom
Size: 372M
Download Rom
Cubot S200 Stock Rom
Size: 652M
Download Rom
Cubot S208 Stock Rom
Download Rom
Cubot S222 Stock Rom
Size: 313M
Cubot S222 4.4.2 V6 CQ 4139C D1BOM V0.0.2
Download Rom

Cubot X15 Stock Rom
Size: 728M
Download Rom

Cubot X16 T Card Flash
Size: 816M
Download Rom

Cubot X16S Stock Rom
Size: 848M
Download Rom

Cubot X17 Stock Rom
Size: 720M
Download Rom

Cubot X17 S Stock Rom
Size: 680M
Download Rom

Cubot S600 Stock Rom
Size: 802M
Download Rom

Cubot H2 Stock Rom
Size: 460M
Download Rom

Cubot H2 T Card
Size: 591M
Download Rom

Cubot Dinousaur
Size: 962M
Download Rom 

Cubot Dinousaur T Card
Size: 3.4M
Download Rom

Cubot Cheetah 1 T Card
Size: 802M
Download Rom

Cubot Cheetah 1 T Card 2
Size: 1G
Download Rom

Cubot Note S
Size: 727M
Download Rom T card

Cubot Max
Size: 1.03G
Download Rom

Cubot Max T Card Flash
Size: 1G
Download Rom

Cubot Max T Card Flash 2
Size: 1.16G
Download Rom

Cubot Manito
Size: 1G
Download Rom

Cubot Z100
Size: 678M
Download Rom

Cubot RainBow Stock Rom
Size: 863M
Download Rom

Cubot S550 Stock Rom
Size: 863M
Download Rom

Cubot Echo Stock Rom
Size: 863M
Download Rom

CubotEcho T Card
Size: 739M
Download Rom

CUBOT X18 Stock Rom
Size: 2.4G
Download Rom

Stay Tuned As New Cubot Stock Roms Will Be Added When One Is Available  
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