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Download Great Android M Stock Wallpapers to your Device


Download Android M Stock Wallpapers [31/05/2015] – 11 Walppapers

With Google I/O 2015 around the corner, we hungry Android enthusiasts had more than enough this time. Nobody expected so much in one-go from Google. Not only did Google announce Project Doze and Project Brillo, but a whole lot of other Android One devices as well. The fact that you can now store unlimited amounts of photos and videos on the Google cloud is just fantastic, especially for the selfie lovers! Most importantly, we have seen therelease of the new Android M developer preview.

Just like last year, Google decided to throw the Android M Developer Preview to selected Nexus devices, so that the users can test it out, and report for any bugs/suggestions. With the coming of Android M, your Android device will now have a lot of less bugs. With improvisations like better App Permissions, and Android Pay, one would really desperately want to try it out.

However, as Google did for their last developer preview, Android M’s preview is only available for Google Nexus devices. Sure will the Nexus owners (might be you) enjoy and make the most out of the Developer Preview, however, just like last year, the users who don’t own any of the Nexus devices fall short. Don’t worry, for we’ve got the latest and greatest goodies from Android M.

These wallpapers are pretty good and are of high quality. You can use these to set on your smartphone’s or tablet’s screen. Just go ahead and pick up your favourite Android M official/stock wallpaper and set it on your device right away.


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