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Doom and Doom II games for iOS have been significantly updated

Today, Doom and  Doom II game updates for iPhone and iPad have been released. They contain visual enhancements such as increased frame rate, new aspect ratio and support for free add-ons.

The update notes that they are available for all platforms and will increase the frame rate from 35 per second to 60 per second. The game will look much nicer. The aspect ratio has also changed, which stretches the game to the original 4: 3.

Both games now contain downloadable add-ons that work in split-screen multiplayer mode.

Add-ons can be found in the main menu. These are some of the best add-ons for original Doom games. For example, TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment cards (over 60 levels). A SIGIL campaign and No Rest for the Living map are also available.

Here’s how to get the add-ons:

First you need to go to Bethesda.net. After that, go to the section with additions, select the one you need and download it. Then click on the switch to activate it. When you return to the main menu, you will notice the changes. This means that the add-on is activated.

Some of the best and highest quality add-ons are now available free of charge for all six platforms.

Among other improvements in games, there was a quick save and an option to load in the pause menu, the ability to choose a level without clearing the previous ones, a carousel with weapons, a new weapon switching, etc.

  • You can download Doom and  Doom II  from the App Store.

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