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Don't you like Google ads? Action will be taken!

If you are one of those who does not understand the reason why you are seeing certain advertising, you will start to understand better who is paying to place the advertisement on your smartphone or computer.

new measure from Google wants to give users transparency and show who paid for the advertising you’re seeing. In addition, you’ll be able to block advertising or report abuse.

Google reveals “about this advertising”

Publicidade Google

The measure is now available to all users and you can easily start understand the reason why they chase you. It should be noted that, in this way, it will be much simpler for Google to understand who is committing fraud in these advertisements.

We haven’t seen the typical “for a long time” 1000 €, you are customer 1. 000000 “. Still, there are Google advertisements that are clearly fraud.

Google Ads

Unfortunately the advertising process does not go through humans. In other words, at this moment it is still possible to deceive the “machines”. However clever they are. With this measure, you will be able to report the advertising in a simple way and find out more who is paying for that space. right), right after that you will be directed to a page that gives you a summary of everything you need to know.

This measure is perfect to try to reduce the political publicity that has become increasingly important in elections. It goes without saying that the US election scandal in 2016 where the main campaign weapon of Donald Trump, the current President of the USA, was advertising in search engines and social networks.

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