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Do you play Call of Duty? So it’s time to change your password

One of the most popular game sagas ever is in the spotlight today, for the worst reasons. Activision, the studio responsible for the development of Call of Duty, was the victim of a computer attack that questioned the data of its millions of players.

The bad news started to be given by TheGamingRevolution on your Twitter page. This user revealed that several Activision user accounts are being published with sensitive data.

Activision accounts are apparently being leaked so change your password, although that might not even help because they’re apparently generating 1, 000 accounts every 10 minutes.

– TheGamingRevolution (@ TheGamingRevo3) 20 September 2020

More than half a million accounts will have been exposed

Even though Activision has not yet commented on what happened, it is said that more than 500 a thousand user accounts have been compromised. This security breach has caused data such as passwords and other login details to be exposed.

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This should be a warning sign for everyone who plays the popular Call of Duty game and is required to to have such an account open. Therefore, it is advisable that you change your password quickly so as not to lose access to your data or compromise other services.

Call of Duty

This is a warning that should be taken into account, especially after reports that some users are no longer able to access their accounts. This is because the perpetrators of this attack will have entered their accounts and changed their passwords.

It is still advisable to unlink your Activision account from the counterparts of PSN, Xbox or social networks. Everything to ensure that, in case your account has been compromised, you will not suffer any major problems.

The way this computer attack was achieved has not yet been clarified, but for players, these are irrelevant details . What is retained is that Activision has failed to insure its users’ data and the company should seriously consider offering greater security, for example, with the implementation of two-factor authentication.

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