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Do not miss this spectacular concept of Apple Watch Series 6

Concepto Apple Watch series 6

According to estimates by Apple analysts, there is very little to know the new member of the Apple Watch line and the corresponding update of its operating system, to watchOS 7. Regarding this event, the concepts of what we could see regarding one of the most popular accessories of the company and if the imagination comes close to reality, the result would be spectacular.

According to a recent design shared from YouTube, a designer has created the Apple Watch Series 6 concept that flaunts a bezel-less display. According to its description, the Apple Watch Series 6 will include “much more power in the same size.”

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The Apple Watch Series 6 could be the most elegant in the line

According to the images of the concept presented on the YouTube channel Concepts iPhone, known for its same works with some versions of what would be the iPhone 12, without a notch and a Face ID on the screen, the next Apple Watch Series 6 would be a device focused on quite elegant details.

An Apple Watch at least similar to the one we see in the video, would be the ideal companion that surely many users will want to have in their day to day. And it is that, if the announcements and leaks regarding this are true, in this edition we would have a renewed smartwatch with functionalities as useful as sleep monitoring, state of oxygen saturation in the blood, option of new complications in the sphere of watch and much more.

With the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple is expected to usher in a series of new features with sleep tracking being the main one, and whether it will be available in previous versions is unknown. Additionally, the company is working to add independent features to upcoming watchOS, in order to reduce the dependence of Apple Watch users on the iPhone.

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