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How to disable the “Tap to Wake” feature on iPhone X

How to disable the Tap to Wake feature on iPhone X

iPhone X – the first iPhone with a display that can be awakened by Tapu. With this function, you can quickly check notifications, take photos, use widgets on a locked screen, etc.

The problem with the function is that it’s too easy to accidentally activate the iPhone X screen.

These random touches can consume the battery faster than normal, as each screen wake consumes little energy.

Fortunately, Tap to Wake can be turned off.

It is worth noting that the instruction below does not apply to other models of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The Tap to Wake feature is exclusive to iPhone X.

How to turn off Tap to Wake

How to turn off Tap to Wake

1)  Open the Settings of your device.

2)  Go to the Basic.

3)  Select the Universal access section.

4)  Click the switch next to Tap to Wake to stop being green.

Now that you touch your locked iPhone X, nothing will happen.

The screen of iPhone X will still wake up when you pick up the smartphone and look at it.

This function, known as Raise to Wake, is available on iPhone models, starting at 6s and newer. You can turn it off in Settings Display and brightness.



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