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How to disable autoplay music from iPhone in the car

Many new cars are equipped with Bluetooth-stereo, which can be synchronized with the iPhone. One common and mandatory feature of this technology – is an automatic music playback from your iPhone via Bluetooth-speakers, when you get into the car. Sometimes included music from your library, sometimes a third party application.

If you do not want your music starts to play automatically every time you get in your car, read about how this feature can be disabled.

It is worth to warn that while the ideal solution to this problem does not exist. The good news is that you can use several ways to disable autoplay music from iPhone in the car. Bad – is that on the iPhone there is no single setting that could disable autoplay via Bluetooth, so you have to try other solutions described below.

7 ways to disable autoplay music from iPhone in the car

We will share with you a few tips on how you can disable autoplay music from iPhone via Bluetooth.

Option 0: switch the music volume control in the car at least

One not very practical solution – it’s just a switch in the car stereo volume for the full minimum before you turn off the engine. Thus, the next time the music will still be activated automatically, but you will not hear it.

Yes, completely disable the volume of the car is not the best solution, but if the options below do not work, then you can come back to this.

Option 1: Check the radio settings in the car for the presence of autoplay option and disable it

Some radio in cars can contain audio settings that allow you to turn off autoplay. Each individual stereo, so you have to look for your own settings and check if there is a suitable option.

Check your Bluetooth settings, audio, sound, stereo or other tabs on the radio panel in the car. Somewhere there may be an option that disables autoplay, good luck!

Option 2: Close the application with the music on the iPhone

If you start to play music from the iPhone app, you can close it every time before you get into the car.

Close applications on the iPhone is pretty simple. Simply press the Home button twice, then swipe the app with the music up.

It works with third-party applications like Spotify and Pandora, but for some reason, it is not always a standard Music app.

Option 3: Disable the use of mobile communications in the Music application

If the application is playing music via cellular communication, you can disable this feature in it. This will disable autoplay music in the car.

Go to Settings, then Cellular, scroll down to the list of applications and find the one that is included in the machine. Turn the power switch so that it becomes gray, and the application can not use cell phones.


Thus, you can turn off auto-play with Apple Music and the Music app. But keep in mind, the application generally can not use cell phones that do not suit all users.

You can also disable the app features music in Settings> Music> Cellular Data. You can also disable the automatic download if your device is constantly downloaded songs.

Option 4: delete the song from iPhone

iPhone automatically switches to stereo music from your music library in alphabetical order. So if you are tired of listening to the same song over and over again, you can remove the first song in the list. Instead, it will just play the next song, but you can delete it and.

If you remove all of the music with the iPhone, you will still have to manually delete every song in your library, so that it ceased to be downloaded and played.

To delete all songs and albums from the library of the Music application on the iPhone – one of the most reliable solutions to disable autoplay music in the car. Of course, it does not fit you, if you want to have any kind of music on a device, but the decision effectively.

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Option 5: Remove the Music application from the iPhone

If you already do not use the app, you can simply remove it from your devaysa a couple of seconds. Yes, delete the default applications is also possible.

To remove the Music application, hold its icon, and then click on the button (X), to remove it from the device.


Likewise, you can delete any other application with the music, with whom she played in the car.

Option 6: tell of Siri «turn off the music”

Another option – to call Siri in the car and ask her to turn off the music. You’ll have to ask her about that every time you get into the car.

siri icon mac


The disadvantage of this option is that some of the songs are downloaded and included sometimes, so you will not be able to immediately tell Siri to turn off the music if it is not the time to get involved.

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