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Did you know that in iOS there is a secret scroll bar for emojis?

When a new version of iOS is about to be presented, Apple will present iOS 14 in less than a month , it may seem that the tricks of the previous version are already all discovered, but it is not. In the last weeks we have already brought you some very unknown tricks that have been very successful and that we recommend you know. And now we show you another new trick, which probably has been there for years but you have never realized its existence.

This trick is related to emoji, those icons that we all use every day and that have a dedicated section on the native keyboard of the iPhone and iPad. However, there are more and more emojis, so finding the one you want to send can be very difficult. It is true that emojis, at least in iOS, are labeled by categories, but what you did not know is that there is a secret scroll bar to see and move around quickly.

How to better navigate emojis

As you probably know, on the iPhone we have an icon on the keyboard to change the classic keyboard letters for emoji . At first the new Memoji Stickers appear, then your most used emojis and then all the others.

In the lower area you have small icons that when pressed send you directly to a certain category of emojis, a quick way to find that emoji that you are looking for so much . However, it happens to me constantly, it is more than likely that you do not know in which category is that emoji that you are so willing to share.

You can scroll through their entire library of emoji by swiping left from the right side of the roof, but what you probably didn’t know is that you can also do it without lifting your finger from the screen. Just touch and hold the bottom emoji category bar that appears in gray, and then slide your finger left or right and you’ll see how you move very quickly through the entire library of emojis.

The slower you slide, the better you’ll see the emojis, but if he knows where you want to go, you can always swipe faster. You will know that fast scrolling will work when you feel the haptic feedback, a small vibration that the iPhone returns, although on the iPad you will not notice it. You will also see how this bar turns gray. You must bear in mind that if you have an iPhone with 3D Touch, you will have to press hard, if it does not have 3D Touch you will only have to press and hold .


It is a very unknown trick that almost no one knew, and that probably has been available during several versions of iOS. Gestures are becoming more intuitive in current user interfaces and Apple has been fully committed to them in recent years. This trick with the emoji bar was not only quite secret, it can also be very useful to find the perfect emoji .

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