Devil May Cry 5 Wins TGS Gameplay With New Nero Arms

Although Gamescom already showed a lot of Nero from Devil May Cry 5, the Tokyo Game Show also brought some news. In the gameplay shown in the event, we see the same scenarios already presented, but new arms of Nero, such as the Punch Line.

Punch Line may not sound familiar, but you’ve certainly seen it in action in the first trailer of the game: it’s the arm that turns into a missile. The idea is weird, but in practice it’s pure style (both visually and for the combo bar, since it only takes a few moves for the style to stay in S). Check out:

The demo has the same excerpt from Gamescom, with Nero in town and facing boss Goliath (Goliath). The most interesting is the Punch Line arm and the Buster Arm, which simulates Nero’s grip mechanics (which he wore with his original demonic arm in Devil May Cry 4).

Devil May Cry 5 will hit the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on March 8, 2019.


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