Daughter of Huawei founder (brand CFO) arrested in Canada

Daughter of Huawei founder (brand CFO) arrested in Canada

Huawei and the United States of America are still talking. Huawei’s chief financial officer (Meng Wanzhou), who is also the daughter of the founder, was reportedly arrested in Canada and is awaiting deportation to the United States.

Although the reason for its detention is not very clear for now, it is believed that a breach of agreement with the commercialization of products originating in the USA with Iran is involved.

I remember that it was exactly this problem that left ZTE in bad clothes in the USA. In fact, this is what provoked the brand to be prohibited from trading with American companies. This means that the same can happen to Huawei.

The detention of Huawei’s founder’s daughter has occurred in Canada and awaits extradition to the US

According to TechCrunch, Huawei is still not sure what is going on and is in constant contact with the US authorities in order to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.


This situation only further aggravates the tension between the US and China. Countries do not seem to understand each other and Donald Trump, the US president, said he would not be afraid to raise rates significantly on Chinese products. Something that would not only affect the inhabitants of USA and China, but also of the world.

Since it is in China where most manufacturers invest in technology construction and the US is one of the most important markets in the world, do not be surprised if you see the price of Chinese products rising in Europe and the world just to pay the extra fees they can to be submitted.

That is, here is a disgraceful mess. This arrest could mean problems for Huawei and partnerships with US companies. I remember that Android, even Open Source, is from Google, an American company. Let’s see what this is about.

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