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Data from Apple Health used in court to prove murder

Data from Apple Health used in court to prove murder

Information from Apple Health is used in a judicial investigation into the rape and murder of a 19-year-old girl in Germany. The data in question is obtained from the smartphone of suspect Hussein K., an Afghan refugee.
The matter is complicated by the fact that some details about Hussein are not known – including his real name and where he was at the time of the crime. At the time of his arrest, he also refused to give access to his iPhone. Investigators had to hire specialists to unlock the device. Then they used the data from Apple Health to find out about the activity of the owner that day. 
The authorities were particularly interested in the period that the smartphone considered “climbing the ladder.” This is correlated with the time when Hussein could drag the victim along the river embankment, then climb back, getting rid of the body. Investigators exactly repeated the killer’s route and the data in Apple Health in the test phone turned out to be the same as on the Hussein’s iPhone. It is not yet known whether the investigation, which has been going on since September, will come about.
Our smartphones play an increasing role in our lives, and now they are able to collect more information than ever. It is possible that in the future criminal investigations will increasingly resort to this type of data.


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