TO create recovery image you need to see this click

We are going to follow the same procedure exactly as we did to get the hex values of the start address and length of the boot.img.
Double click on the 2nd line on the SP Flash Tool and name it as recovery.img. Select to save in the same location as that of the boot.img. Follow the same procedure as that of the boot.img above to get the hex values of the recovery.img start and length address.

12Create recovery file
copy start address for recovery image take note
13 Copy recovery Start address from notepad
14 Copy recovery length hex value frm mtk droid tool
In my case the recovery has a start address hex value of 0x2980000 and a length hex value of 0000600000. Again we are only interested in the significant digits i.e 600000. But we will also replace the first four zeros with 0x. This gives us 0x2980000 (9 characters) and 0x600000 (8 characters) respectively. To make the count uniform we add a zero to the hex value of the length address giving 0x6000000 (Now 9 characters).

Now enter these hex values in the SP Flash Tool and click on ok.
12 ZEro added to recovery length hex value for completion

16 What it will look like
Next is to unplug the phone from your pc and shut it down ( for tablets whose batteries cannot be removed) or remove the battery ( for phones with removable battery).
Immediately your device is turned off, click on read back tab on the SP Flash Tool and immediately plug back your device to the pc via the USB cable.

17 Now click on read back
Wait for some few seconds and the SP Flash Tool will recognize and create the stock boot and recovery images of your device. When this is done, an ok alert sign with a green circle will appear indicating successful completion of the process.

18 sp flash too, creating the stock boot and recovery images
19 Finished Now navigate to the location where you saved the stock boot and recovery images. You will notice that they both have the same size. In my case they are both 93,304 kb in size. The reason why this is so can be ascertained from the sizes of the boot and recovery partitions on the MTK Droid Tool block as seen in the picture.
WELL DONE AND GOOD WORK. You are now done with creating a stock boot and recovery image of your device.

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