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This Tutorial Is Strictly For MEDIATEK Device Only.
I am here to help us out on how to solve this critical problem of looking for stock boot and recovery images for our Android devices. As a new android phone or tab owner, we are tempted to also try out a lot of tweaks, mods, flashing, rooting, installations or whatever on our devices. While this can be a worthwhile experience, it comes at a risk. We are always warned to try all these out at YOUR OWN RISK. We all have heard abt various problems our devices can encounter in the course of all these mods and tweaks-such as soft or hard bricking, boot loops, etc. Well, whatever the problem may be, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to create manufacturers or factory backup of the stock boot, and recovery images BEFORE you begin tweaking, rooting, modding, etc.
Advantage of having your stock boot ad recovery image
1. This can help us to solve some problems we may encounter in the course of our Android adventure.
2. It can also be used to create a CWM recovery to do flashing and also for a full ROM backup.
3. Also at times after flashing a custom ROM and we are not satisfied with it maybe because it is full of bugs, we may desire to revert back to our original manufactures stock Rom.
4. Or after rooting your device, you want to COMPLETELY unroot it ( since rooting voids warranty and u can’t claim your warranty with a rooted device), and remove ALL evidence of rooting, the best option would be to flash a stock Rom, as Simply unrooting with the SU may not solve the problem. The advantages are much. After having created a stock boot or recovery image of your device den u can start modding and tweaking with some degree of confidence.

  1. An unrooted or rooted Android device- phone or tablet with accompanying USB cable
  2. A Windows computer
  3. SP (Smart Phone) Flash Tool. Download
  4. MTK Droid Root Tool  Download
  5. Scatter File for your Mediatek Device
  6. Notepad ++ Download
  7. MTK USB Drivers  Download
 Ensure you have correctly installed all the MTK USB drivers and you have created your MTK devices Scatter file if you don’t have yours Create scatter file
Connect your phone to your PC make sure your phone is USB debugging is Enable
Run the SP Flash Tool as an Administrator ( by right clicking on it and selecting run as administrator ).
From the SP Flash Tools, click scatter loading and then select the scatter file of your device you created earlier.1 Tecno M3 Scatter File on SP Flash tool with MT6572
Now click read back tab on the SP Flash Tool as seen in the picture below

2 Click on Read Back Tab

Then click add twice. The !st one is for the boot image (boot.img), and the 2nd one is for the recovery image (recovery.img) we are going to create. These can be used as stock backups and also for various other uses such as creating ROM dumps and CWM custom recovery.

3 Click on Add Tab Twice
4 After clicking on Add tab 2wice

For boot.img
Double click the 1st add line. A new window will appear asking you to save the file. Select any suitable location of your choice to save the file and name the file as boot.img. This is where your stock boot image will be saved.
6 REname and save file as boot
N.B. The next step is VERY IMPORTANT. You have to enter the PROPER AND CORRECT Hex value for the start address and length for the boot.img. If you don’t then all your efforts will be in vain.
The hex values for the start address is gotten from the scatter file while that of the length is gotten from the MTK Droid Tool.

To know the hex value to enter in the start address, open the scatter file with the notepad++. Scroll down to where you have the boot.img and recovery.img blocks listed. Copy EXACTLY the hex value written in the linear start address of the boot.img block on the notepad++. Enter this hex value into the start address. In mine, the hex value is 0x2380000

8 How to get the Hex value of the Start address for the boot and recovery
To know the hex value to enter in the length, open MTK Droid Tool as an administrator, and wait for some few seconds for it to detect your device and load its info (ensure USB debugging is enabled on your device). Click on blocks map. Then go to the boot.img line. Length is equal to the size, therefore enter the entry of the size on the boot.img block of the MTK Droid tool. In my case it is 0000600000> However, we are only interested in the real/significant numerals/digits i.e 600000. We are not interested in the first four zeros. Therefore replace the first four zeros with 0x. This gives us 0x600000 which is the hex value we are going to enter into the SP Flash Tool as our boot.img length hex value.
9 Hex value of the Length on Mtk droid tool
Now we MUST ensure that the hex value of the start address and length have the same number of digits/ numerals/characters. In my case the hex value of length is shorter by one character compared to the start address, (0x600000 and 0x2380000 i.e 9 and 8 characters respectively) therefore we will add a zero to the value of the length. This gives us the following result 0x2380000 and 0x6000000 ( both now have 9 characters each).
11 Zero Added to length hex value

You are done with boot.img
Next is Recovery image click here

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