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How to create archives on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

The Files in iOS 11 application uses a new document management system. In addition to the ability to sort files, support for archives was added. In Files, you can open and preview document previews. If you transfer multiple files from the application to the Mailbox, they are automatically converted to an archive. But on this functionality of the archives ends.

If you want to create archives from documents, you will need a new Zipped application. It allows you to open archives that are stored in the Files. In the application, you can also select several documents and create an archive from them, which you can share anywhere.

How to create archives using ” Drag and Drop 

The easiest way to create archives is on an iPad with iOS 11, opening the Zipped and Files applications on one screen

Step 1: In the Files application, clamp the document, and then add a few more with your other finger.

iOS 11 Zipped iPad


Step 2: When all the documents you need are clamped with your finger, drag them to the Zipped application.

Step 3:  In the Zipped application, release your finger. You will see two options – Save File and  Share.


Step 4: Click  Save File. A window will appear in which you can select any folder from any source.

Step 5: When you find the right folder, click the Add button.

Step 6: Return to the Files application, open this folder, and in it, you will find the created archive.



To unzip it, simply drag the archive into the Zipped application and select the folder where you want to place the documents.

How to create archives on iPhone

Choosing files on the iPhone is a little more difficult.

Step 1: Open the Zipped application and click the button with the box in the center of the screen.



Step 2: The Files application opens.

Step 3: Find the folder where the required documents are located.

Step 4: Click the Select button at the top of the screen.



Step 5: Select all the files you want to add to the archive and click Done.

Step 6: The window with the options “save” and “share” pops up. Click Save file.



Step 7: Select the folder where you want to save the archive and click Add.

iOS 11 Zipped iPhone


Download:  Zipped  ($ 0.99)

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