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Create Amazing Artwork Pictures With Prisma From Your Android

 Prisma – Art Photo Editor with Free Picture Effects & Cool Image Filters for Instagram Pics and Selfies!


Be an artist! Turn your photos into awesome artworks:
– Modern art filters!
– Stunning photo effects
– Fast sharing

Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists: Munk, Picasso as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art. This app has great filters that  transform your images into artworks using the styles of famous artists, such as Munk and Picasso. There are other filters of famous ornaments and patterns, too, like Mondrian. it also you to add  artistic effects to your photos, making them  to appear like famous works of art.


  •  The app is simple to use it doesn’t ask users to create an account just download and open the Prisma app.
  •  The main screen is split into two, with the top half displaying the camera view, and the bottom half displaying the capture button, camera rotate button, settings button, and thumbnail of your camera roll (you can either take a photo on the fly or grab one from your roll).
  •  Select a photo, you will be brought to a screen that lets you crop the photo or rotate it. Click “next”.
  •  Your Internet need to be on
  •  The next screen you’ll see is for all the filters. Again, it’s split into two, with the top half showing your photo preview, and the bottom half showing filters and share buttons. Much like Instagram, filters appear at the bottom in a carousel row, and you can swipe from left to right to browse and try them. The thumbnails displayed in the filter row aren’t live but rather examples of what the filter looks like/can do. You must tap a thumbnail to apply the filter to your photo, and you’ll see the processed result above.
  •  While applying filters, slide your finger across your photo preview to increase or decrease the filter’s effect.
  •  By default, all photos have Prisma watermarks in the corner. To get rid of those, go to the Settings toggle and shut off “Enable Watermarks”. You’ll also see options to save original photos, save artworks automatically, etc.

    Prisma v1.0 Build 5

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  1. So Prisma is the answer, there are a lot of photos in my android but I'm not uploading them as I don't seem to like them. For the most part, there's no special in them, it's a good thing there is Prisma, now I can make regular photos to an extraordinary art which I didn't think possible. If only its as easy as this when looking for a customer service research paper then my life would have been complete.

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