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Crazy: The New iPhone Accessory Now Allow You To Kiss Someone Over The Internet

Each day that passes by new technology are being introduced to the world we got one for you today the new iPhone Accessory now allow you to Kiss someone over the internet is that now crazy wao you can now kiss your loved ones that are far from you a goodnight kiss.
Crazy: The New iPhone Accessory Now Allow You To Kiss Someone Over The Internet
The new iPhone accessory Kissenger adds a horrifying robotic and creepy kissing pad, to your iPhone to bring distance relationships closer than ever before. Kissenger is known to the world “First Mobile kiss messenger” which has a huge plug-in kiss-detection dongle along with an iOS app that transmits the smooth data wirelessly to the other person who has Kissenger too on his/her device. Kissenger got a shape of the lips, under it rubbery silicon shell one will find some “high precision force sensors” which detect the kiss strength then duplicate it and send to the other person. The pad house some actuators, which the company claims to create “a realistic sensational kissing .”
Kissenger and Lip Pad
They are three noted potential usage scenarios for the product,  ranging from a logical to a crazy usage. 
For Couple- Well, this one is pretty obvious that this Kissenger is targeted for love ones who are in distance relationships Willy to do what it takes to feel their partner’s kiss. I will say this a smart move from the company nevertheless. 
Families – it will look weird, but this Kissenger will help shows a little girl in Itlay how her daddy or mummy love her by giving her kiss on her cheek using the Kiss app. Awkward, right it got a pass if you will ask a daddy or mummy trying to give her kids kiss from a distance.
For Celebrities and Fans – This Kissenger can help celebrities to send a love and thanks you kiss to this fans around the world. One kiss for thousands all with the help of Kissenger. This is so cool if you ask the fan that will want a kiss from their celebrity.  
Will celebrities use this rubber lips to give kisses it fans? Let all wait out if top celebrities like Kim Kardashian eand co will not launch in- app purchase “Kisses” for some token.
What your take on this i will love to Know


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