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Court Fines Man $4,000 For Liking Posts On Facebook


Be very careful what you like on Facebook. It better safe than sorry, I know many of us are guilty of liking post on Facebook without thinking twice we just like the post because our friend wrote it, without getting the message she/he is trying to passing across. A Swiss court has imposed a fine of $4000 on a man for posting likes in defamatory comments on Facebook.


Court Fines Man ,000 For Liking Posts On Facebook

Facebook, as we all know is the largest social media network in the world with billion of post on a daily basis putting all kind of information without looking at its limits.

Recently, a man has been fined $4000 for liking defamatory comments on Facebook. The case is absurd because it is, presumably, the first situation we have heard a man condemned to pay a fine for just only putting likes in a publication, did it hear someone say there is always a first time gradually this will become a normal norm

Statement from the Swiss court, the post which the man liked Tagged  Mr. Kessler as anti-Semitic racist, or fascist, and his organization as a neo-Nazi association, were liked by some people.

This case goes as far back to 2015, where at the time a social network discussion was generated that was related to the participation of animal welfare groups at a vegan street festival.

The fines imposed by the Swiss court, this Monday, was four thousand Swiss francs ($4124). It is known that the 45-year-old man will have placed only six likes, with the court finding that “the defendant endorsed the unseemly content and made it his point of view.” The court adds that “the mere act that someone puts like in a publication ends up broadcasting it through their contact list.”

Kessler will have sued more people who also commented on his activity on Facebook, and some of them will also end up being condemned. However, such convictions were due to the comments made and not properly to the likes in the publication.
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