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Cortana joins Spotify in Microsoft’s Windows 10

Microsoft Groove Music is gone. Cortana itself was the one who suffered from this, in addition to users of course, since Windows 10 – via its virtual assistant – was unable to recognize songs and other sounds.

However, it seems that this setback has ended, at least, for those who use Cortana in the United States of America. This is because, according to the news source, users who are not integrated into the Windows Insider program, will be able to choose a third-party application capable of identifying the music in question.

That way, as it happened previously, when opening the Cortana, in Windows 10, it will be possible to choose the option of “identification of music”. From that moment, Spotify will be responsible for the discovery of this.

Spotify on Cortana? The best for Windows 10 from Microsoft!

Otherwise, it will still be impossible to use the Microsoft virtual assistant as a method of recognizing one or another song. In any case, this novelty comes to demystify a possible de-characterization of the Cortana, something that would lead to its end.In fact, the new feature can be used for anyone who has Creators Update or Fall Creators Update, so that most consumers can make use of it. However, as noted earlier, Cortana with Spotify recognition can only be used if it is set to the United States of America.

Of course, until you see. Since the new strategy of the company of Redmond is to bet only in the spaces where it is able to compete with the other companies in the market, it is not certain that this can not happen.

After all, just as Groove was too small to grow and later face Spotify or Apple Music, Cortana might also have known better days, given that Google Assistant and Alexa are far ahead of each other in terms of functionality and users.

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