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Conceptual arts suggest that new Battlefield will be in World War II

EA’s series may track the same path as rival Call of Duty

Rumors suggest that the next game in the series Battlefield, scheduled for October this year, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal, will be set during World War II.

The rumor gained even more force after the discovery of arts made by Peter Olofsson Hermanrud, who worked at DICE in the past and is now at Bungie.

The illustrations show various weapons that refer to those used during the Second World War – not the First, which could indicate works made for Battlefield 1.

Officially, however, nothing has yet been announced by Electronic Arts.

Will Battlefield go the same way as Call of Duty and re-explore World War II?

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  2. Harun u are right, same here, this is a pc game, and I don’t have one

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