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Concept of the new Tesla Model S reveals a dream car

Personally, I consider the Tesla Model S the most aesthetically attractive car that the company has in its portfolio. Above all, I love its front end, but it's time for the company to review the design of its electric car.

With this in mind, designer Giorgi Tedoradze created a concept for the next generation of Model S that will let anyone surrender. If the current model already turns many heads, what about this one.

Tesla Model S

Looking at this design, there is some inspiration in the Aston Martin Rapide. But Giorgi endeavored to preserve the Model S's main lines and made it possible, even with this remodeling, to realize that it is a Model S.

This concept shows us a car with lines sports and this may not be to everyone's liking. If you are one of those who prefer something more familiar, perhaps this Model S is not the most appealing to you.

Tesla Model S

As a concept, there is no guarantee that Tesla will launch a car with these lines. However, I think that Elon Musk's company should seriously consider this design for the next version of its electric.

Last revision of the Model S is 2016

It has been four years since Tesla remodeled its Model S. Since this remodeling happened exactly four years after the launch of the original model, it is time for the American company to give us a new version.

Rumors point that in 2021, the much desired new Model S is launched. We do not yet have official clues as to what the vehicle will look like, but it is expected to experience a significant improvement in its performance.

Pending a review of the Model S, we are dreaming about what Tesla can do. And you believe that this concept is among my favorites.

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