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Concept iPad X with frameless display

iPhone X has opened a new chapter in the design of Apple technology, but this is just one device. Have you ever wondered what the tablet looks like with the aesthetic principles of the jubilee iPhone? Designer Martin Hayek, who previously revealed his vision of the iPhone X Plus, this time created the concept of a frameless “apple” tablet.

Concept iPad X Side View

Martin noted:

I represent the iPad X – with exactly the same form factor as the iPad Pro 12.9 “, but with a frameless display. Oh yeah, there’s also a notch in the display, sorry.

Although we still do not know how Apple plans to name the new tablet (X refers to the word “ten” and does not really fit in with the line of the iPad, which is far away until the tenth anniversary), the concept definitely looks attractive. And in general, the transition to the design, presented in the iPhone X, seems a quite logical idea for Apple. Over the past years, the Cupertino players have repeatedly demonstrated that they prefer the unity of the style of the Device produced.

Concept iPad X Pen


According to the designer, along with the design of the tablet will update and the corporate iPad X stylus Apple Pen.

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