Home NEWS Co-creator of Microsoft’s HoloLens leaves Apple position

Co-creator of Microsoft’s HoloLens leaves Apple position

Co-creator of Microsoft's HoloLens leaves Apple position

Engineer Avi Bar-Zeev, co-creator of Microsoft’s HoloLens, stepped down from Apple last month. According to Variety, he had been working on an augmented reality device from the technology giant.

According to the site, Apple develops the project in secret for a possible launch in 2020. Yesterday, the engineer stated on social networks that his output was “the best you could imagine,” but that he will not comment on plans company for specific products.

On Engineer’s LinkedIn, the description of his work at Apple says that he led the “prototype experience” team.

Bar-Zeev started working at Apple in June 2016. Prior to that, in the 1990s, the engineer was part of the team that introduced the virtual reality in Disney parks, which allows visitors immersive experiences.

In his resume, he also has a ticket for Amazon and Keyhole, a company that was bought by Google and served as the basis for the creation of services such as Google Earth and Google Maps.


He is even better known for being the co-creator of HoloLens, Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Goggles. The gadget “designs” virtually content in the environment that the user is observing.


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