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‘Cloud Gaming’ could be a big part of the PS5 and Xbox Scarlet

'Cloud Gaming' could be a big part of the PS5 and Xbox Scarlet

One of the biggest companies in the video game industry, Electronic Arts (EA), talked a bit about the future! Suggesting that ‘Cloud Gaming’ will be a big part of our lives.

That said, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlet seem to be the next-generation consoles, and taking this into account, EA claims to be ready to work with Sony and Microsoft for many more years.

After all, both Microsoft and Sony have already confirmed that they are working on new consoles! Interestingly, there are also some rumours that mention a new Nintendo console in the very near future. Well, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson acknowledged all these rumours, mentioning that it’s still a while before we can get our eyes on the new hardware.

In addition, he also stressed that Streaming games should be taken more seriously in the next generation:

“There are some rumors, some articles, and some ‘says he said’ about the new consoles. In fact, we already have some clues from its launch. However, I think we are not in this position, in a position to be able to speak openly about it.

Just let us know that we have been working with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo for many years! And we intend to continue this relationship for many more, even if we collectively make the decision to move our services to the ‘Cloud’. “

In short, the most interesting part of the CEO’s speech is the mention of Cloud Gaming! After all, I fell in line with all the rumours that the new Xbox Scarlet will essentially be a streaming machine.

Interestingly, Sony has even gambled significantly in this market with its PlayStation Now service. Where it allows the download of a large series of games. And in parallel, Nintendo also had some success, bringing games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Resident Evil 7 to their portable console via Streaming.

Subsequently, we also have the gigantic Google, trying to enter the market of streaming games, through the Browser Google Chrome:

In summary, we can come to the conclusion that EA wants to make Cloud Gaming much bigger in the industry!

By the way, it has already announced the ‘ Project Atlas ‘. A service that will allow players to experience any EA title on a mobile device or any computer with a very fast internet.


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