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How to Clone Android Applications Using Parallel Space

Parallel Space is a must have app,  Android is the most used OS in the world right now. There are billions of peoples using Android
device because of the amazing features and its functionality, today we will be sharing with you How to Clone Android application using Parallel Space.
Special thanks to the developers (LBE Tech) of this app. They have focused to create the best Android
application. That doesn’t crash and easily you can clone any Android
application. The next thing which is good about this application is that
you don’t require a rooted Android device.

 The word
cloning means creating the same copy of anything. Parallel space is one of the best application for doing these types of

Clone Android application using Parallel Space.

Space is the Android application which clones your application and it
is really isolated. It means the dual application doesn’t collapse or
crash with each other. If you are thinking to run dual WhatsApp account
in one android then you can do so with the help of parallel space easily
without rooting your Android device.


  • Works in non-rooted Android device.
  • You can clone any application of your choice.
  • Works without internet connection
  • Nice user interface.
  • Inbuilt lock so that no one can access your application without permission.
  • Google Play Services is pre-installed so that you don’t get any issues while playing online games

How to Clone Android application using Parallel Space.

  • Firstly download and install Parallel Space from the link below
  • Open the application and you will see application tutorial just swipe and and click start
Parallel Space
  • After Clicking  START from the above  it will take to the place to clone apps you want take note it will not show all the app in your phone at first. Now, select the app you want to clone then click on “Add to Parallel Space”. We  have selected Chrome app as seen the screenshot to clone.
Parallel Space

  • The application you selected from the from the above will be cloned and be added to the Parallel Space, this app only give us 9 Parallel Space to clone nine app.To Clone more apps click the button at the bottom of the app to search for the application.
  • After click the More application it will now show all apps in your device if you check the second screenshot and this one you will see their is more apps appearing for us to clone

How to Launch the Clone Application

  1. There is two ways you can launch your clone application.
  2. First way going to the your home-screen you will screen a shortcut in a box showing all apps you have clone click on it and open the app you want.
  3. Second way Open the Parallel app Hold the application and swipe down and then click on “Create Shortcut”  on your home screen to that app any time you want it. 
  4. Now, the application shortcut is been created you don’t have to open parallel space again and again to open the clone app.

How To Delete The Clone Application

  1. Open the the Parallel app hold the application and swipe down to the delete icon showing at the bottom of the app to delete the clone app.


way you can clone any Android application with the help of parallel
space. I hope you like this Post. Thank you for visiting Adroidvillaz tay tuned for more tips and tricks

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