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Chinese users accuse Apple of racism

The Chinese had a couple of questions to Apple after it became clear that Face ID works in this country is not as reliable as Craig Federigi claimed at the presentation. 

In particular, it is reported about the boy, who without problems was able to unlock his mother’s iPhone. The case took place in Shanghai. Father saw that his son was playing with his wife’s phone, which is protected by Face ID. It turned out that the smartphone works excellently on both members of the family.

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According to Apple, this is an extremely rare case, which should not be oriented. However, Chinese users are concerned, since this is not the first situation when the iPhone X confuses the Chinese. Apple launched an investigation after the report was received – and another interesting story emerged.

A few days ago, a woman was able to unlock her colleague’s smartphone. She, of course, took it to the Apple Store to report the problem. Employees said that the case in the faulty module TrueDepth and offered a replacement. It would seem that the problem is solved – but not everything is so simple.

The colleague was able to unlock the second, a new iPhone. They again went to the Apple Store – and found that a woman can unlock just about any iPhone X in the store. And this despite the fact that they were significantly different hair and facial features. That’s why on the Chinese Internet, Apple began to blame for racism. Most likely, this is a software error that will be closed in one of the nearest iOS updates.

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  1. This is funny.
    Apple should do something about it.

  2. harun khalid adeiza

    huh funny exactly… Something might be wrong.. They have to fix it immediately.. Thanks for the info boss.

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