Home NEWS Chinese police have adopted smart glasses to catch criminals

Chinese police have adopted smart glasses to catch criminals

Chinese police have adopted smart glasses to catch criminals

Railway police officers working at railway stations in Zhengzhou, the capital of central Henan province in China, received at their disposal special smart glasses to catch criminals. With their help, policemen can identify people who are wanted by passengers. The gadget has already helped to detain several dozen offenders, among which were especially dangerous.

smart glasses


Smart glasses look like Google Glass. They are equipped with a small display and a camera. Wu Fei, CEO of LLVision Technology, who developed the device, said that the system is able to identify a person’s identity from a database with 10 thousand people in just 100 milliseconds.

With the help of glasses, the suspects in various crimes, from road accidents to trafficking in persons, have already been detained. Another 26 people using fake identity cards were deprived of the opportunity to travel.

A ploice lady wearing the smart glasses


And although the glasses helped catch the criminals, not all agree with the introduction of such technologies. For example, director of Human Rights Watch Sophie Richardson, believes that Beijing should immediately stop such programs and destroy the collected data, since the authorities did not have the consent of the city’s residents.


  1. Incredible news! I like the new technology ⚙.. It’s really helpful at least people will be secured a better. They shouldn’t debate on stopping this technology to grow.. Except if all of them are really a thieves.. Thumbs up to the founder and the programmer of the smart glass. Thanks for always keeping us updated @admin.


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