Home NEWS Chinese ministry recognizes jobs in eSports as professional occupations

Chinese ministry recognizes jobs in eSports as professional occupations

Chinese ministry recognizes jobs in eSports as professional occupations

China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued an order giving professional recognition to a number of occupations related to emerging technologies. Of the new professions listed, they are worth highlighting for “e-sportsman” (something like “athlete of e-sports” in the free translation) and “operator of e-sports”.

It is not clear whether the two classifications are exactly what is expected or serve as an umbrella that encompasses all occupations in the industry: “e-sports operator”, for example, may or may not include casters – match narrators – just as it is not clear whether “e-Sportsman” refers to the athlete itself, or whether it applies to coaches and team coordinators as well.

Professional players now have official recognition from Chinese ministry

In any case, the news is very good for those who work in the branch within the country, given that the professional recognition by the Ministry is what should be formalized labor benefits. Categories that are out of official dispatches are usually dealt with informally.

The measure should not have been taken for nothing: according to Statista metrics website, the Chinese eSports market posted annual revenue of $ 102 million in 2018. The number may seem small, but the government may be more on the lookout for potential of growth: the same site estimates that in 2019, revenues will be $ 127 million, while in 2022, the expectation is $ 182 million. It is safe to say that China is trying to put itself at the forefront of emerging professions.

Other recognized professions in the dispatch are: engineering and technical personnel of artificial intelligence, engineering and technical staff of Internet of Things, installation team and Internet Debug of Stuff, engineering and technical personnel of Big Data, technician of cloud computing engineering, technician information model building, drone pilot, agronomic manager, industrial robotic system operator, industrial robot operator.


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