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Chinese may have attacked hardware used by Apple and Amazon in data centers

Chinese may have attacked hardware used by Apple and Amazon in data centers

Industrial espionage has taken increasingly evolved and more original forms. The goal is clear and only intends to steal the data and intellectual property. The latest casualties appear to have been Apple and Amazon, who saw their servers attacked by China.

This new attack has not yet been detailed, but according to Bloomberg, both Apple and Amazon have seen their data servers being attacked in a new way.

According to sources associated with this issue, who wanted to remain anonymous, it would have been the company Super Micro, to provide servers for these companies, which were attacked. In addition to Apple and Amazon, about 30 other companies were targeted for this attack.

The form used to steal the data, unusual compared to what is normal, will have resorted to chips deployed on these servers, which were then used to steal data from companies. These data focused on “intellectual property” and “business secrets”.


Apple has already been confronted with this information, denying it immediately. The company will not have found any chips on its hardware. In the case of Amazon, the information that exists also accounts for not finding any evidence of hardware change or presence of malicious chips.

Also Super Micro has denied that it has introduced any chips in the process of manufacturing its servers. Even China’s foreign affairs minister has already made it public and said his country is “a champion of cybersecurity.”

Faced with these facts, there is doubt of the fate that this case will have. The Bloomberg ensures that your sources are reliable and that the case really happened. On the other hand, we have parties aimed at denying its existence. Probably there will be more investigations, even the US government, to ensure that these chips do not exist and that, if they existed, the situation is resolved and sanitized.


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