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China strikes back for the Huawei case: Apple is “an unreliable entity”

As many of you know, the United States government blocked Huawei in the middle of last year. Although the trade war dates back to 2018. Now, from China, they could fight back by targeting Apple.

China thinks that Apple is “an unreliable entity” in retaliation after the prohibition of the use of US technology to Huawei . And the government could take measures that would negatively affect the company with the bitten apple logo.

In 2018, the US FBI, CIA and NSA intelligence agencies warned US citizens that they should not buy smartphones or other Huawei products. .

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Revenge of the Chinese government


The Huawei technology use ban will expire this month. However, the Donald Trump administration announced last week that the ban will be extended for another year.

“On Wednesday, President Donald Trump issued for another year an executive order signed in May 2019 declaring a national emergency and banning companies in the United States. using telecommunications Device from firms that pose a security risk. ”

From Reuters, they affirm that in China they are prepared to place some United States companies in a list of unreliable entities as a countermeasure to the government’s movement. American from Washington. The measures will include the initiation of investigations; imposing restrictions on US companies such as Apple Inc, Cisco Systems Inc, Qualcomm Inc; and the suspension of the acquisition of Boeing Co aircraft.

As reported by Reuters, Apple and the rest of the North American companies included in the list will face legal and administrative measures. In addition, Chinese citizens will be warned regarding the use of products from such companies. It seems that we will have salsa for a while.

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