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China blocks access of citizens to Wikipedia in all languages

The Chinese government has completely blocked access to Wikipedia for the people of the country. The ban, which came into effect at the end of April, reaches all the pages and languages ​​of the encyclopedia, completely restricting the use of the platform by anyone in the country. The ban would have to do with the 30th anniversary of the protests in Tiananmen Square.

The Great Firewall, as it is called the system that restricts and controls Internet communications in China, has blocked Wikipedia since November 2016, but only in its Chinese version. This, on the other hand, is the first time that international versions are blocked in the country, in a process that, according to Greatfire, an NGO specialized in monitoring censorship, began on April 22.

 Reason for the Ban has not been disclosed Yet

The ban on access came without further details from the Chinese government, which did not specifically disclose the reasons behind the blockade. The approach of the anniversary of the protests, however, is speculated as the reason that the media traditionally censor any attempt to discuss the subject in the country’s social networks and media, especially at the time when the massacre celebrates another year.

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Similarly, by not talking about the issue, the government also did not reveal whether the ban is permanent or temporary, as happened with Bing. In January of this year, the search engine of Microsoft was blocked in China for a few weeks, returning to work in February, without an official word on the subject was said.

Student-led demonstrations took place over a period of weeks during the first half of 1989 and brought about five thousand people to Tiananmen Square, one of Beijing’s most recognizable. Although protests against repression and the Chinese economic situation have been taking place since April 15, June 4 was recognized as the day the army suppressed demonstrators more violently, leading to hundreds of deaths and thousands of deaths. injured. On the same date, the government also declared martial law in the country as a way to justify violent fighting against those who oppose the regime.

The movement spawned one of the most famous images in world history when a single anonymous individual nicknamed “unknown rebel” or “tank man” prevented the passage of armored vehicles attempting to leave the Tiananmen Square on June 5 after the massacre. His identity or his fate has never been known, while possible names spelled out in the international press have always been denied by the Chinese government.

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