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How to Check Your Airtel number In Nigeria

This post you are about to read has a well-detailed guide on how to check your Airtel number fast and easily using the USSD Code.

Bharti Airtel Limited, also known as Airtel, is an Indian global telecommunications services company based in Delhi, India. It operates in 18 countries across South Asia and Africa, and also in the Channel Islands. Airtel provides GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G+ mobile services, fixed line broadband, and voice services depending upon the country of operation. Airtel had also rolled out its VoLTE technology across all Indian telecom circles. It is the third largest mobile network operator in India and the second-largest mobile network operator in the world with over 411.42 million subscribers. Airtel was named India’s 2nd most valuable brand in the first-ever Brandz ranking by Millward Brown and WPP plc.

In all sincerity, it’s not that difficult at all to memorize eleven digits. However, if you make use of several mobile numbers from multiple network providers like me, then, you may forget your number sometimes.

Everyday we meet people who we need to quickly exchange phone numbers with. In a case where both parties can’t recollect what their phone numbers are, then, one person at least needs to know how to quickly check it.

it feels very awkward not remembering your own phone number. This happens often when you newly acquired a SIM but after some time you abandoned it for another network. If you’ve ever been in such a situation, you would find it difficult to remember that phone number if you don’t cram or know it off-hand!

All networks in Nigeria provide their customers with 11-digit mobile numbers.

Having lots of Sim cards is a normal thing but remembering their number is the Big question?

So with that said…

I will show you the fast and right way to check your airtel number following the below steps without having to stress yourself.

How to Check Airtel Number

Short code to check airtel number

Method 1:

  1. Dial *121# and follow the given steps below…
  2. You will be shown some on-screen options.
  3. Select Manage My Account by pressing 2

You will be directed to the next screen showing

  1. My data balance
  2. My Balance
  3. My Data Plan
  4. My Number
  5. My tariff Plan
  6. KYC status
  7. My Serial Number
  8. MY PUK

4. Select My Number by pressing 4 to reveal your phone number.

Method 2:

This method is the fastest way to Check Airtel Number one dial of the given code and the requested phone number will display on your phone screen.

To check and know your airtel phone number, dial *121*3*4#, your mobile number will be revealed right away.

That is it guys

The simple method on how to check Airtel number on your phone. If this guide on this post has been helpful to you kindly share with other people who might need it.

Thanks for reading, sharing is caring!!!

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