Cheats creators for GTA Online obliged to pay 150 thousand dollar

The Cheats Developers spoil the life of law-abiding gamers, but rarely when they overtake the punishment. A resident of Florida, Johnny Perez was the exception to the rule – he was found guilty of creating and distributing a utility for hacking Grand Theft Auto Online. The program allowed to spin the in-game funds, and now the unfortunate hacker himself should take a huge amount of real dollars to Take-Two.

Cheats creators name


Johnny Perez created and sold on the Internet a program called Elusive, which allows you to bypass the in-game rules of Grand Theft Auto Online and receive an unlimited amount of virtual currency. For his creation, he asked for from $ 10 to $ 30, depending on the set of capabilities of the utility. As soon as this became known, Take-Two contacted the hacker, after which she demanded to stop distributing the cheats and provide information about the money earned. He executed the first claim, but then decided not to respond to messages, which forced the publisher to go to court.

In an official statement, the company accused Peres of direct and indirect copyright infringement. During the proceedings, the company demanded the maximum possible compensation in the amount of $ 150,000 and an additional $ 66,869 for legal fees. The publisher’s report states that the company lost at least half a million dollars due to Perez’s actions.

“Mr. Perez Elusive’s program creates new features and elements in Grand Theft Auto that can be used to harm honest players, with the result that Take-Two loses control over a carefully balanced vision of what the game should be,” says the imprisonment of District Judge Kevin Kastela.


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