Why Royole is the Most Interesting Technology Company of the Year

Over the last few years, the smartphone market has been stagnating, and all the “innovations” presented are nothing more than increases in existing technologies. For some time now we have no truly revolutionary novelty in this market. At least that was the prospect before Royole arrived.

The relatively unknown company (which is also known in China as Rouyu) caused a real whirlwind in the CES 2019, and also revealed that the device is not only a concept, but is already ready to go on sale – running over all major smartphone brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi who have been vying for years over who would be the first to put on the market a flexible display device.

FlexPai, the world’s first foldable smartphone

Created in 2012 by Stanford University’s newly trained engineers, the company has had one goal from the beginning: to develop flexible displays for the devices of the future. And it can be said that this goal was achieved in record time: just two years after the foundation, the company had already launched the finest AMOLED full color flexible screens and the smallest flexible sensors in the world. In 2015, the company unveiled the world’s first portable 3D cinema, and the following year was the turn of the first panel of an automobile made entirely of flexible touch screen. And before surprising the world with FlexPai, the company had already shown in 2017 that it was very close to being able to develop its own foldable smartphone when it launched RoWrite, a digital notebook that uses flexible sensors to digitally capture in real time anything that is written on paper. Thus, the company that started its operations with only three people today has 2200 employees spread across 20 countries in the world.


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