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CES 2019 | TCL presents line of TVs with IA, headphones and soundbar

TCL presents line of TVs with IA, headphones and soundbar

TCL is also taking advantage of CES 2019 to introduce its newest products. On the first day of the event, the company announced its new line of 8K televisions with artificial intelligence, as well as a platform for AI solutions that will be present on the devices.

The manufacturer also introduced a line with earphones for urban and sports use, plus a model for those who like luxury items, and two soundbars.


New TCL televisions, such as the X10 8K QLED, offer enhanced picture quality, support for Dolby Atmos technology for more powerful audio output, and functions for Android TV such as Google Assistant or Roku TV, available only for the American public.


The manufacturer also announced at the event that it has joined other market leaders to create the 8K Association, designed to set performance standards, to promote the reach and promotion of 8K technology for consumers and partners as streaming service providers. The ultimate goal is to increase the fast and global adoption of 8K as the resolution standard for large-screen TVs.

TVs also feature QLED Quantum Dot technology, integrated Onkyo soundbar, soundbar with artificial intelligence, simple design and one of the finest in the market, among other features.

Headphones and headphones

TCL also announced four models of headphones and headphones, one for social use (SOCL), one for urban use (MTRO), one for sports use (ACTV) and one for luxury (ELIT).


Earphone-TCL 1

The headphones are expected to hit the market in the coming months, with the luxury model taking a little longer.


Another highlight of TCL are two new soundbars: High 5, measuring 31.5 inches wide and designed for televisions 43 inches or larger, and High 7, 36 inches long and ideal for televisions over 55 inches.

Soundbar TCL (Image: Press Release / TCL)

Soundbars hit the US market this semester.


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