Home NEWS CES 2019 | Samsung Announces 98-inch OLED 8K TV

CES 2019 | Samsung Announces 98-inch OLED 8K TV

Samsung Announces 98-inch OLED 8K TV

This Monday (7), Samsung held its press conference during CES 2019, which is happening in Las Vegas. As expected, the South Korean did not bring news related to smartphones, but in compensation introduced its new line of QLED 8K TVs with up to 98 inches.


Samsung’s 8K 2019 TV line arrives equipped with the Quantum Processor 8K chip and can be controlled via Google Home or Amazon Echo. The Samsung Q900 QLED is soon to be sold in the United States and the model comes in to “fatten” the brand’s 2019 line of televisions, which includes 65 “, 75”, 82 “and 85” models. Despite the news, Samsung did not disclose the prices of new TVs.

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Owners of the new handsets can also watch movies and iTunes programs and have Apple AirPlay 2 support starting in March of that year in 190 countries. Samsung Smart TVs 2018 will receive a firmware upgrade to take advantage of the new features.


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