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CES 2019 | Razer news includes voice control and 4D games

Razer news includes voice control and 4D games

On Tuesday (8), during CES 2019, Razer presented a novelty that few expected: the total integration of their products with the virtual assistant Alexa.

This integration with Amazon’s virtual assistant will be done through the Chroma lighting system, the software that manages colour schemes for all Razer accessories. With integration, you can use a voice command to change not only the colour emanated by your keyboard/mouse/headset, but also the frequency with which the accessory light pulses.

But it will not only be for the colour change that integration will work. Because Synapse 3 and Chroma work interconnected, you can use Alexa to control all PC game settings – and even run programs – through the voice command. For example, you can ask Alexa to use Chroma to run the Overwatch game, and then ask the wizard to use Synapse to modify the screen’s DPI settings.

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In addition, the company ensures that not only Razer’s own accessories but any brand participating in the Chrome Connected Devices Program (which already supports more than 300 devices of 15 different brands) can be controlled through voice commands.

The brand still does not have an exact date for the start of integration with Alexa, but ensures that it will be available from the second quarter of this year to the regions of the United States and Canada.

Playing in 4D

New Razer concept creates a whole gamer environment with haptic responses (Image: Bridget Bennet / Mashable)

Another novelty introduced by Razer during CES 2019 is a system of haptic accessories, with mice, keyboards, headphones and chairs that vibrate according to what happens inside the games, offering players a similar experience to the one in theaters 4D.

The vibration is similar to that already existing in joysticks of consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the big difference is that this same type of haptic response will be present in all the accessories of the mark. This means that during a game like Doom, it will be possible to feel the mouse vibrating with each shot given, the chair and the phone will vibrate with each blow received and the keyboard will also vibrate with each jump or more abrupt movement, which should guarantee a immersion even greater in the game.

For the time being, the whole system still works as a concept, and the only device that is expected to hit the market later this year is the Nari Ultimate headphones, which will be sold for $ 199, but no release date yet. As for the vibrating gamer mouse, keyboard and chair, there is no release forecast, but you can expect Razer not to take much longer than a year or two to get them all on the market.

New cabinet

Tomahawk Cabinet is the first fully designed by Razer (Image: Razer)

In addition to the extravagant novelties, Razer also unveiled a new case for the company’s PC gamers: Tomahawk.

It is the first to be developed by Razer’s own team of engineers and uses a wing-like side panel design that resembles the DeLorean DMC-12, the classic car from the movie Back to the Future.

The elite version of the enclosure is made to ensure greater ventilation and cooling of the boards during extended gaming sessions, and even has a hydraulic “lift” that can be moved to increase the ventilation of the GPU during the most intense processes. But these devices, along with the tempered glass side panel, are unique to the elite version of the cabinet, while the standard version is a common aluminium cabinet with LEDs that can be controlled by the Chroma lightning system.

Razer has not given much detail about the device but is expected to hit stores between the second and third quarter of this year, starting at $ 169.99.


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