Panasonic introduces new TV with focus on cinema sound

The Panasonic went to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 show your new TV, considered by the company to TV “more cinematic” in the world. The reason for this has much more to do with sound than essentially with the screen.

The GZ2000 comes in several sizes, but a screen in OLED 4K, whose panel was designed with advice from Hollywood colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld. Despite this, what the company points out as the highlight of the device is that it already comes with a set of Dolby Atmos speakers. This allows the device to create a powerful sound environment in the living room.

In addition, the TV also has the HDR10 + created by Samsung, facing more color contrast. In terms of the photo, for such a strong company also in the record industry, there is HDR enhancement for displaying still images.

Other features of the GZ2000 are also that it is now compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa wizard and Google Assistant, making the TV more of a connected home appliance.

So far, Panasonic has not submitted pricing or release date of your TV.


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