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CES 2019 | LG innovates and launches the world’s first rolling TV

The LG introduced on Monday (7) its rollable television. That’s right, a device that you can roll up, store in a room, and extend again when you want to use it later. The presentation was held at the pre-Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, an event officially kicked off this Tuesday (8) in Las Vegas.

In the keynote was also featured for other televisions now connected with Apple TV and Alexa, plus an 8K model and a brewing machine.


The big highlight of the presentation for sure was this new TV. LG had already reported that it was working on the product, but the technology still seemed distant. The surprise is that she not only showed the device in operation at the fair as well as already said that the technology should reach the market later this year.

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The television has a base, similar to a large sound bar. When the user presses a power off button on the control, the screen descends completely and enters the box, curled up, hiding the display.


The device is aimed at people who want a 65-inch TV, but do not want that giant piece all the time taking over the room. Made with an OLED display, it has small tapes that are curled in the part behind the screen, allowing the monitor to be saved.

Another interesting point is that the base is by itself a sound box. It carries a 100W soundbar, making the product complete in terms of sound and video – although it does not replace the home theater experience, of course.

The appliance also has an intermediate opening version. Thus, only a part of the screen is raised showing information to the user, such as a clock or even sound control, when using only the bar.


But does the technology have a long life? LG reported in its press conference that the TV is capable of making the scrolling movement up to 50,000 times. In terms of specifications, it is a 4K OLED device, compatible with 120 fps and carries a second-generation Alpha 2 processor.

LG has not yet released the price of this technology but promised to launch the device in the second half.


The company also presented at its event its 8K OLED TV. The device is not quite new since LG had already talked about the product almost at the turn of the year. The South Korean arrives with an impressive model of 88 inches.

During the presentation, the company reinforced that the device, for without in OLED, manages to maintain its brightness settings, different from what happens sometimes in very large devices with LCD.

Other information from the fair is that the TV would be smart with integrated artificial intelligence system. However, there is no price and release date information for the product yet.

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Another highlight of this presentation was the announcement that LG handsets now have a connection to Alexa devices, already integrated into their handsets. In addition, the televisions are also also compatible with AirPlay 2, which connects Apple devices to the TV.

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