Home NEWS CES 2019 | Apple licenses the first USB-C cable for Lightning

CES 2019 | Apple licenses the first USB-C cable for Lightning

Apple licenses the first USB-C cable for Lightning
Apple USB-C cable

The terror of carrying a specific charger for the iPhone everywhere is about to come to an end at the hands of Belkin. The company announced at CES 2019 the first USB-C cable to Lightning licensed by Apple, allowing the use of chargers with this format in Apple’s smartphone without problems of compatibility or risk of damage to devices.

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Not only that, but the product also brings Apple’s rapid reload capabilities, filling the battery of the latest iPhone models at the same speed as the company’s own cables. So far, cables in this category were only available officially and at the hands of Apple itself, with licensing, now opening the door for more manufacturers to create different, and possibly cheap, versions.

This is not the case, however, with the models presented by Belkin. In versions of 1.2, 1.8 or three meters in length, the accessories cost between $ 24.99 and $ 34.99, that is, from $ 92 to $ 130 in a direct conversion. It’s more, for example than the official model, whose one-meter version comes out for $ 19 at the official Apple store.

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However, the proprietary model does not have some of the features promised by Belkin, such as the reinforcement in fabric that guarantees greater resistance, the button that allows you to carry it rolled without it mixing with other wires and of course the length, which is greater than the longer version offered by Apple. Two colors, white and black, will be available at the launch, which is still in the first half.

At the event, Belkin also introduced other versions of the cables, such as USB-A and Lightning, and another that converts between the two formats of the universal standard. The manufacturer also introduced a new line of portable batteries with USB type C and also sockets with this type of connection to be installed on the wall.


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