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Apple crushes Samsung and Huawei in the smartwatch market

In a time of the pandemic, the smartwatch market grew 6% globally in the last quarter (compared to the same period of 2019). According to the Counterpoint Research report, Apple is the industry leader with a clear advantage, and the top five brands cover 66% of the market. Apple remains …

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AirPods Max have been on Apple’s plans since 2016

The AirPods Max Bluetooth headset, Apple’s latest product took more than four years to leave the design desk until the official presentation. Apple former engineer who worked on the project in 2016 made this revelation. The revelation tells us that Apple has been considering these Bluetooth headphones when the first …

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Apple announces the AirPods Max: now available for 629 euros

Apple has confirmed two rumors this week. The one who assured that from Cupertino they will surprise us with another launch before finalizing this 2020 and that one of them would be the AirPods Max Airpods Max Apple Thus, this morning the company announced Through a press release the availability …

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Apple to broadcast World Surf League docuseries on Apple TV +

This week, to continue expanding its catalog with proposals in all formats, Apple TV + has released the docuserie World Surf League. It follows the story of several champions of the famous sport during a competition. The World Surf League docuserie will be broadcast in 6 chapters recorded around the …

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Satechi sells a cheaper MagSafe charger than Apple’s

With the launch of its new line of MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12, Apple also announced the availability of similar proposals from third-party companies. Many have already released their first accessories, and the price difference is one of the inevitable comparisons. Satechi Wireless Charger for iPhone 12 Thus, the …

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“World's stupidest use for a MacBook with an M1 processor”

Several early reviews of the M1-based MacBook have focused on the battery life, speed and temperature of the computer compared to its predecessors and other brands on the market. MacBook with M1 chip and Tesla Model 3 However and as usually happens days after first impressions, other analysts focus on …

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