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Casino Lover The 10 Apps You Need


Casino apps are really big business these days. Whether you are more
into the slots side of things, or prefer you hand at Poker or Blackjack,
there is a large number of apps to help you play with your Android
smartphone or tablet. To help you try and narrow down the list, here are
ten Android apps which offer a decent selection of casino-based games
and also some rather nice themes.

Casino Saga: Vegas Slots Poker
Starting off the list today is Casino Saga. This is an app which does
offer a Vegas themed casino experience and as well as the variety of
slots on offer, users can also play Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat
and Texas Holdem Poker.


Big Fish Casino - Free SLOTS
Big Fish Casino – Free SLOTS

Big Fish is a popular mobile games developer and this is their main
casino app. As well as being able to play Slots, Blackjack, Texas
Hold’em Poker and Roulette, this one also comes with some interesting
themes in place. As well as the ability to play live with your friends.

Luckyo Casino and Free Slots
Luckyo Casino and Free Slots
Like any good casino, Luckyo Casino offers a decent variety of games
to choose from, including Slots, Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack,
Roulette, Baccarat and Craps. This is also another casino app which
comes with quite a decent selection of themes from Chinatown to Breaking

Casino Games
Casino Games
There are quite a few casino apps available on the Play Store and
while this app won’t offer you the ability to play any casino based
games within the app, it will provide you with links to all of the
different games currently available. This is like a review app for
casino games, with information and links so you can directly download.

Roulette Royale – FREE Casino
Roulette Royale - FREE Casino
For many, the most popular style of game offered in the casino is the
roulette wheel. If that is your preference too, then Roulette Royale is
worth checking out. This app brings the excitement and fun of the
roulette wheel to your Android device and even allows you to choose
between the European and American Roulette styles. Now all you have to
do is pick a number.

25-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook
25-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook
The name of this app makes this one rather self-explanatory. This is a
casino-based app which offers up to twenty-five different games for you
to play on your mobile device. So whether you are looking for slots,
video poker, Blackjack, Baccarat or Poker, you should find a game to
suit your needs.

Lucky Win Casino – FREE SLOTS
Lucky Win Casino™- FREE SLOTS
Up next is Lucky Win Casino and while this game does offer the option
to play card games including Poker and Blackjack, it does seem to place
more of its emphasis on slots. There are a ton of slots games available
and the chance to win big.

Casino Live – Poker, Slots, Keno
Casino Live - Poker,Slots,Keno
Casino Live is another all in one games and offers the option to play
slots, poker, video poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, among others.
This one also comes with quite a nice interface and avatar system – for
those who like a more themed and game-like experience.

TropWorld Casino
TropWorld Casino
TropWorld Casino is another app which looks to offer a decent
selection of games and a decent selection of themes. So if you are
looking for a casino app which lets you choose from a Tahoe theme or a
Caribbean theme, then this might be one worth checking out.

American Casino Guide
American Casino Guide
Closing out the list today is the American Casino Guide and this will
be a must for anyone who is new to the scene. If you are unfamiliar
with casinos, then this app is essentially an information app. It can
provide details on real casinos near you, as well as provide tips and
also videos to better help you improve your skills.



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