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Can't Drive This arrives on PS4 and PS5 in March, reveals Pixel Maniacs

Can’t Drive This chega ao PS4 e PS5 em março, revela Pixel Maniacs

Can’t Drive This will arrive on PlayStation platforms at 19 in March, according to developer Pixel Maniacs. The racing game combines construction with explosions in “competitive and cooperative” scenarios.

Publisher Perp Games will make physical versions available for PS5 and PS4, in addition to launching the title on other platforms. It is important to remember that the game was released in September 2016 via early access.

Focused on cooperation and competitiveness, Can’t Drive This supports up to four players in one session. The objective of the gameplay is to drive, while your partner builds the track. If you fall into the traps, your monster truck explodes, but if you stand still, it also falls apart.

Have fun with other players on Can’t Drive This

There is multiplayer splitscreen and players have many options to hinder the completion of the levels, such as trap doors, ramps and other types of relief. For those who have no one to play with in person, the game also offers the online option to fill the lobby with random people.

There is also how to customize the cars, and the game offers many ways to make your monster truck unique compared to others. In Can’t Drive This, fans will still be able to edit the colors and details of the track creation materials.

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