Home NEWS Candy Crush Saga to arrives soon for Android and iOS

Candy Crush Saga to arrives soon for Android and iOS

Candy Crush Saga to arrives soon for Android and iOS

There is no doubt that Candy Crush is one of the most popular games ever for both Android and iOS. Since its launch in 2012 it remains present at the top of both application stores.

Its creator, King, has since tried to get the most out of this million dollar “recipe” by creating several spinoffs of the original game. Now, it will launch a new variant called Candy Crush Friends Saga. This new game will be released on October 11th.

Based on the original version of the game, one of the team responsible for developers – Sebastian Knutsson – says that fans of Candy Crush Saga will be delighted with this new version.

According to Knutsson, new features have been added that will add a more strategic angle to the game, as well as increase the level of interaction between players.

Candy Crush Saga will have another  spinoff for Android and iOS that promises to delight fans 

Currently, in the original classic, the interaction between users/friends is practically non-existent. The only form of interaction is literally sending lives to each other. Although we do not know exactly how this new form of interaction will work. It seems guaranteed that you will delight the fans of the game.

As expected, in the new game Candy Crush Saga will be introduced new characters, new game mechanisms and also an endless list of levels that promise to “break the head” of more hardcore fans.

Candy Crush Saga

Just like the other versions of Candy Crush, this new game will also be available for Android and iOS for free. However, you can rest assured that King will not miss the opportunity to earn a few million more. So there are several options for spending money in-game.

Finally, with the mobile gaming world increasingly popular and winning millions of new users every day. It will be expected that the most famous companies continue to develop spinoffs of their most popular games. Make sure your coffers never stop filling up.


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